Truly a home away from home, the on-site Chambers at the Sind Club offer members, visiting members, and members of reciprocal clubs a premium, comfortable experience. With newly renovated rooms, a fully equipped business centre and access to the Club’s facilities, staying at the Sind Club Chambers is truly a unique experience.

Over the decades, the Club has seen several modifications, including the addition of a number of deluxe living quarters to accommodate more members, out-of-station members and special guests with a luxurious and comfortable experience. The magnificent entrances with driveways and the gorgeous terraces within the Club’s buildings look out towards the sprawling, meticulously maintained gardens.

The Chambers have been an integral part of the Club since its inception, and currently offer forty seven rooms. The Married Block consists of eleven Chambers, the South Block, New Block, North Block and Central Block have seven, seventeen, eight and seven rooms respectively. Over the years, the Chambers have seen various upgrades and are fitted with internet connections, LCD TVs and safes.