The core of the Sind Club experience is it’s recreational facilities and ongoing events. The Sind Club premises are fully equipped for sports but also host ongoing events such as special dinners, nights, talks and get togethers including yearly staples such as the Classic Car Show, Independence Day celebrations and Eid Lunches.

In sports, the Club hosts multiple sports competitions for members such as Ramzan Cricket, a Bridge Championship, a Chess Championship, and of course, some of the oldest Squash, Tennis, Swimming Championships in Pakistan.

The Sind Club also has a full service Hammam and a historic library to offer our members and visiting members all the peace and tranquility they require.
The Sind Club premises are fully equipped with tennis and squash courts, cricket nets, a historic billiards room, a newly renovated swimming pool , and a brand new state-of-the-art gym. Other sports such as Futsal, Volleyball, Basketball are also played on the Sind Club’s convertible Court 3.

The Sind Club provides markers, coaches and trainers across all sporting activities to facilitate members and visiting members as needed. Regular training and coaching clinics for members, their children and our visiting members are also available.
Tennis is a popular sport at the Sind Club, which maintains beautiful courts for members and their families. With lights for night tennis and multiple markers to play against, the Sind Club tennis courts cater to tennis players of all ages and levels.
Established in 1893 at a ‘site’ beyond the billiard room in a single room, the library has over the years become one of the Sind Club’s most prized possessions. The library holds a rare collection of over 14,000 books ranging from autobiographies to fiction. The library also has a wonderful traditional reading room, alongside computers, a scanner and a printer to facilitate members with their personal and professional work.

The Sind Club Hammam is a treat for the senses and is fully equipped with a sauna, a steam room, cold and hot baths, a hot tub, a masseur’s alcove, showers and lounge chairs. The Hammam is located where the horse stables once stood with great care having been taken to preserve the high ceilings and stone arches that were once part of the stables. As a result, the Sind Club offers a truly unique Hammam experience to our members and visiting members.
Business Centre
Located near the tennis courts, the Sind Club Business Centre is a full fledged office featuring computers, a printer, a fax, and a separate meeting room with a TV and projection equipment. Members can book the centre for meetings, or can use its computing facilities for individual work. The Business Centre is also served by Room Service, making it easy to entertain during a business meeting.