Victorian Architecture

Since its establishment, Sind Club has evolved and has been taken special interest in, taking great care to preserve the rich ambiance reflecting the Victorian architecture of the historical buildings. In the year 1986, the Main Club House, the Millionaire’s Row and the South Block were declared a part of the National Heritage. As goes the tradition of the colonial architecture, the Visitors experience the perfect blend of Western design modified to fit right with a local backdrop. All the passages, entrances and windows have been adorned with exquisite and the most minute of details to enliven the Romanesque style. There is also a huge Veranda, framed with arches and balustrades, embellished centrally within the main building.

Over the decades, several new modifications have been made within the Club. A number of deluxe living quarters have been constructed to accommodate more of the Club’s members and the out-of-station visitors and special guests with a grand, luxurious and yet a very comfortable experience. The Club buildings are large and spacious. The magnificent entrances with driveways and the gorgeous terraces within the club’s buildings look out towards the wide-spread, meticulously maintained gardens.